Santana Equipment Makes the Inc. 5000 List

Seth Worthey - North Chicago, IL- August 12, 2021

Santana Equipment Trading Company, a leader in the used material handling equipment market, received the incredible honor of being named one of the top 5000 growing companies in the United States.


The Santana team was greeted by an amazing message this past Tuesday afternoon. “We had received an email the beginning of July saying that we had made the Inc 5000 list,” said company President Nate Service, “this feat alone was awesome, but we wanted to know where we placed. This was our first time making the list, so we were anxious to see how we did.” As the Santana team watched the reveal presentation their rank was shown, and everyone was ecstatic. The Phoenix office VP Alex Stuckey recalls, “I open the announcement and it says #3349, and I couldn’t believe it! This is our first time on the list, and we were already higher than anticipated.”


Every year Inc. puts out this list of the top 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States. In the past companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and Zillow have been on this esteemed list, and it is a great indicator of a company’s trajectory. Santana Equipment’s owner Eric Davidson exclaimed, “I’m so proud of our company making this achievement happen! We owe a great deal of thanks to our customers, and partners. Thank you for trusting us and we look forward to continuing to meet and exceed your expectations.”

Santana Equipment Announces Expansion Office for its Arizona Operations

Seth Worthey - Mesa, AZ - November 19, 2019

Phoenix, AZ – November 14, 2019 – Santana Equipment Trading Company, a leader in the used material handling equipment market, today announced the opening of a new retail/rental space for its Arizona clientele.


Santana Equipment West Division (Phoenix) opened its doors in June of 2012 as the company’s first satellite location. After quickly becoming one of the top sellers of used forklifts in its local Phoenix market, the need was recognized for another satellite office to serve the growing client needs in the East Valley of Arizona. The new space is near Superstition Frwy and S. Country Club Dr. A strong focus for this new location will be continuing the Santana Equipment business of selling quality forklifts, while also emphasizing rent and rent to own options.


When asked about the Mesa expansion office Alex Stuckey, Santana Equipment’s West Division Manager, said “We are very pleased and excited to announce the opening of another office in Arizona. With the successful move of our Chicago office into a much larger facility, we are now able to expand our Arizona business as well. With this year being our 20th anniversary it’s incredible to see the growth we have had, and this new location is the next step for us in making sure we are covering the growing needs of our customer base.”

Propane, Diesel, Gas or Electric?

Seth Krueger - Phoenix AZ - June 12th, 2019

First you will need to determine if you are looking for an electric forklift or an internal combustion forklift (IC). Electric forklifts are more expensive but have advantages such as no emissions and less maintenance costs. IC forklifts are less expensive and have advantages such as flexibility in indoor or outdoor use, easy refueling and higher resale value.


Electric forklifts are perfect for handling sensitive material such as food products because emissions would ruin the product. Electric forklifts also have better narrow aisle benefits.


Propane (LP) is most popular and can be used indoors/outdoors and can be cushion or pneumatic tires. LP tanks can be easily swapped out in minutes and a full tank can run a full 8-hour shift. LP is ideal for light-use applications since the initial cost of LP forklifts is low and they hold their value long after their initial purchase. Diesel and gasoline powered forklifts can only be used in outdoor applications and are exclusively pneumatic tired forklifts. Typically, diesel forklift will be larger capacity trucks.

Which Tire Type is Best For Me? Cushion or pneumatic?

Seth Krueger - Phoenix AZ - June 10th, 2019

Smooth solid cushion tires work perfect on concrete and asphalt – hard, sturdy surfaces.


Cushion tires are cheaper to manufacture and much easier to maintain than pneumatic tires. Cushion tire forklifts offer a tighter turn radius which is beneficial to narrow aisles or small warehouses.


Pneumatic tires are used in construction sites, lumber yards and indoor-to-outdoor warehouse applications. These are larger treaded tires perfect for loose/uneven surfaces such as gravel where traction and clearance are a factor.

How Do I Choose Buying a New vs. Used Forklift?

Seth Krueger - Phoenix AZ - June 10th, 2019

Are you running a forklift 20-40 hours/week or even multiple shifts? If you do NOT fall in that category a used forklift is a no-brainer.


It makes the most economic sense to buy a used forklift if it will be used less than 4 hours/day in a single-shift operation.  

Note: A brand new 5000lb capacity warehouse forklift can cost anywhere from $25,000-$30,000. If the cost outweighs the benefit you can get a good running and operating used forklift for a fraction of the price.


View our used inventory: Click Here


How Many Hours on a Forklift is a lot?

Seth Krueger - Phoenix AZ - June 5th, 2019

How many hours on a forklift is a lot? It depends.


For example, if you’re using a forklift 1-2 hours/week then the number of hours shouldn’t be a deciding factor. 20,000+ hour forklifts are very common in this kind of application. Many forklifts can live a life to 30,000+ hours if they’re properly taken care of!


Think of forklift hours like miles on a car: 10,000 hours on a forklift = 50,000 miles on a car.

It’s very common for hour meters to be incorrect (they can either roll over, be taken out and rolled back or electronically rolled back to show “low hours”). Think critically about this… if it seems to good to be true it probably is!


Santana Equipment Trading Rebrands all Social Media and releases Forklift Evaluator Feature

CHICAGO - April 2, 2019

 Santana Equipment Trading Company has launched a new campaign to rebrand all platforms of their social media. The strategy is designed to bring a stronger online presence and to improve the corporate image of the company. 

Santana Equipment Trading Company Awards Seth Krueger and Zurymar Hidalgo

CHICAGO - March 15, 2019

Santana Equipment Trading Company, has awarded employees Seth Krueger and Zurymar Hidalgo prestigious company awards for their tremendous customer service.

Santana Equipment Trading Company Hires Zurymar Hidalgo as International Sales Manager

CHICAGO - Aug. 15, 2018 

Santana Equipment Trading Company, one of the fastest growing companies in the material handling industry, hired Zurymar Hidalgo as the International Sales Manager for its Chicago Headquarters office. Zurymar will help the company in all aspects of International sales and marketing. Zurymar will oversee all Hispanic markets throughout the world and all international sales. She will also be working closely with U.S. territories as she is proficient in both Spanish and English.


Santana Equipment Trading Company becomes an EKKO Exclusive Dealer

CHICAGO - June 12, 2018 

Santana Equipment Trading Company, one of the fastest growing companies in the material handling industry, adds to its equipment offerings the brand new fully powered 2018 EKKO EB12E stackers. With the help of EKKO Material Handling Equipment, Santana hopes to reach out to local companies and warehouses with a better and simpler way of fulfilling their Material Handling needs.


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